Actually Explaining Postmodernism (w/ Matt McManus)

On the one hand, we’re told we live in a postmodern age. On the other, postmodernism is a notoriously challenging set of philosophical ideas to nail down and understand. But it’s worth the effort, because postmodernism, even if it gets some of its arguments wrong or overstates its case, is deeply interesting, with genuinely valuable insights.

To help me tease out just what postmodernism is and what we might learn from it, I’m joined by my good friend, and frequent ReImagining Liberty guest, Matt McManus.

He’s a lecturer in political science at the University of Michigan, and author of many books, including and The Rise of Post-Modern Conservatism and The Emergence of Post-modernity at the Intersection of Liberalism, Capitalism, and Secularism.

Produced by Landry Ayres. Podcast art by Sergio R. M. Duarte. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

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