Announcing something new

Announcing a new show from Trevor Burrus and me, picking up where our nine years of Free Thoughts left off.

It is my pleasure introduce Freedom, our new podcast, and a spiritual successor to Free Thoughts, which I co-hosted with for nine years and 450 episodes. Freedom’s first episode came out this morning, and you can find it at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, Stitcher, or any and all of your favorite podcast apps.

We describe Freedom as “conversations about ideas that matter,” and so for our premier, we wanted a big idea. One that has the potential to reconfigure how we think about politics and political institutions. And that meant bringing back one of our favorite guests, our good friend . Jason is the author of the fascinating book, Technology and the End of Authority: What Is Government For?, and was a frequent guest on Free Thoughts. Today he introduces us to the domus mindset, a way of understanding the power structures of politics and culture as downstream consequences of the lords, wives, servants, and slaves structure of historical households.

Trevor and I are running Freedom as an independent show, not tied to any institution. This means we can range a bit wider than we did before, and inject a bit more of ourselves and our personalities into the conversation. This also means that Freedom is a listener supported show. If you enjoy our conversations, please consider supporting our work. You’ll get access to episode transcripts, bonus content and extended discussions, and be able to join our Discord community to chat with us and other listeners.

The first piece of bonus content is available now, too. It’s a fifteen minute conversation between the two of us about our goals for the show, how our ideas and approach have evolved over the last few years, and how Freedom will carry forward the values of Free Thoughts while being its own, unique podcast.

We hope you’ll join us on this new journey. And please let us know what you think.

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