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I'll take issue with just one part of your analogy. Government is not some foreign body. It represents all of us, and it administers or supports public goods that cannot be distributed fairly by the marketplace,, things like public education, defence, public health, and the medical system, basic infrastructure, a legal system, and the creation, maintenance and enforcement of a system of laws that protect against immanent dangers and public bads like pollution. In order to fund these goods government must raise taxes, ideally in as fair a way as possible. In many cases, and in many countries the rich do not pay their fair share of taxes, because they have disproportional sway over the political system. Their preference is to skimp on public goods, and lower progressive tax rates or take advantage of tax loopholes or lax enforcement in myriad ways that are unavailable to the rest of us. Perhaps the worse thing about this scenario is that the people, seeing how the rich get away without paying their fare share, then feel cheated themselves and lose faith and trust in government, then feel resentful about paying taxes themselves and fall for demagogues like Donald Trump who say "I alone can fix it." When in fact they are scamming the populace in order to profit themselves and their cronies.

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