Mar 15 • 51M

The Necessity of Digital Free Speech (w/ Matthew Feeney)

Progressives and conservatives risk doing real damage to freedom of expression in their campaigns against "Big Tech."

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Aaron Ross Powell
A show about the emancipatory and cosmopolitan case for radical social, political, and economic freedom. Hosted by Aaron Ross Powell.
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It seems like everyone is mad at “Big Tech.” Progressives dislike it because they think it’s too permissive of the spread of mis- and disinformation. Conservatives dislike it because they think it’s biased against them. Both sides agree that government should do something about it. Which, if you care about a free, open, and innovative internet, is a terrible idea.

To discuss the state and future of digital expression, I’m joined by my good friend Matthew Feeney, Head of Technology and Innovation at the London-based Centre for Policy Studies.

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