The Necessity of Digital Free Speech (w/ Matthew Feeney)

Progressives and conservatives risk doing real damage to freedom of expression in their campaigns against “Big Tech.”

It seems like everyone is mad at “Big Tech.” Progressives dislike it because they think it’s too permissive of the spread of mis- and disinformation. Conservatives dislike it because they think it’s biased against them. Both sides agree that government should do something about it. Which, if you care about a free, open, and innovative internet, is a terrible idea.

To discuss the state and future of digital expression, I’m joined by my good friend Matthew Feeney, Head of Technology and Innovation at the London-based Centre for Policy Studies.

ReImagining Liberty is a project of The UnPopulist, and is produced by Landry Ayres. Podcast art by Sergio R. M. Duarte. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

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