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Great episode! I had been meaning to read this book, but haven't had time yet, so it was great to get a bit of a taste of it!

I thought the conversation about women in evangelicism despite the patriarchal power in the religion was interesting. I agree that genuine belief and fear are part of it, but I think there is more to it than that.

My husband's older sister is Catholic in a way that has these same sort of evangelical undertones and patriarchy. She has always struggled in life and has some mental health issues. When my MiL talks about her other kids it's usually with pride, but for the oldest it's usually with worry. She was raised Catholic, but chose to join and marry into a much more patriarchal and conservative interpretation of it.

We went to the baptism of one of her kids, and there was a part of the ceremony where the priest had everyone clap for her for providing so many children for the Lord, and I think it was one of very few times where she has had so much attention and open celebration of something she did.

It's not a life I would ever want for myself or for my daughters, or even for my SiL, to be honest, but it does provide a straight forward and specific way to find meaning and do what you're supposed to.

Have babies and endure and your in group will celebrate you for being a good woman. No worrying if you made the right choice, balancing tradeoffs, spending your 20s adrift, trying to figure out wtf you're supposed to do with yourself...

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