When You Think Your God Wants You to Be an Authoritarian (w/ Kevin Vallier)

A conversation about Catholic integralism and religious illiberalism.

Early access: 8/30. Public release: 9/9.

People have all kinds of reasons, none of them good, for opposing liberalism. Recently, among intellectuals on the right, we’ve seen the reemergence of a particular religious anti-liberalism that goes by the term “integralism.” It most often comes in a Catholic flavor, but you can find versions of it across pretty much every faith.

Kevin Vallier, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Bowling Green State University, has a new book out that’s the first to offer a thorough explanation and sustained critique of this new integralist ideology. It’s called All the Kingdoms of the World and it’s my pleasure to bring Kevin on the show to talk about why so many religious intellectuals are attacking liberalism from within a religious framework, and why they’re wrong to do so.


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