Aug 16 • 56M

Who's Afraid of Cultural Marxism? (with Ian Bennett)

An discussion of critical theory and the Frankfurt School.

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Aaron Ross Powell
A show about the emancipatory and cosmopolitan case for radical social, political, and economic freedom. Hosted by Aaron Ross Powell.
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One of the earliest episode of this show was a conversation with my friend Ian Bennett, of the Epoch Philosophy YouTube channel, about Marxism. It’s one of my favorite ReImagining Liberty episodes so far, not just because Ian is tremendously smart and I learn a lot from him, but because it’s the kind of conversation I find particularly valuable: a dive in a set of ideas I have many disagreements with, but are influential, interesting, and worth understanding.

That’s why I’m so happy to have Ian back today to talk about the Frankfurt School, critical theory, and cultural Marxism. As before, Ian and I diverse rather dramatically on many political and economic issues, but given the role these ideas—or at least the specter of these ideas—plays in current culture war battles, it’s important explore them on their own terms, and see how and where they conflict with the radical liberal perspective I’m building out on this show.

And if you come away interest in understanding critical theory more thoroughly than we have time for in an hour long podcast, I encourage you to check out Epoch Philosophy on YouTube. Ian creates short explainers on all the important ideas and thinkers, and does so with remarkable clarity and sophistication.

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